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In The Hospital Lobby

Musashi didn't care what Kasumi thought.

The former Rocket stared at her knees. She had clasped her hands together and rested them in her lap in an uncharacteristically ladylike fashion, bouncing her knees up and down impatiently while waiting for any news on the Cerulean gym resident's condition.

It wasn't as though she was worried that she wouldn't pull through. At least, not for any redeemable reasons. She still found the brat to be as annoying as she remembered--always jumping to conclusions about things, always being overdramatic (don't you dare say a thing about being the pot or the kettle...). She doubted highly that she had grown up at all. Not from the impression she was given just a few hours ago.

But there had to be a reason that Kasumi was accusing her of being involved with Rocket Dan still. The chances were slim, but maybe Kasumi was her key to finding any leads to the whereabouts of her good-for-nothing former colleagues.

A pang of doubt cut through her thoughts. Why should she care, anyway? So if Kasumi knew something, what then? What was she going to do? S'not like she could seriously consider taking on a huge corporation. And Rocket Dan was even bigger than she remembered it.

She pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind. But she had made Rocket Dan her life for...for at least five years. She knew some things would never change...and surely some of their key weaknesses were still there.

One thing at a time, Musashi. She told herself, and looked up to the receptionist desk, which had been bleakly vacant for the past hour and a half. This place was so understaffed, even with assistant pokemon coming to the medics' aid, the tournament which was massacred today had a larger-than-expected turn-out, and the victim count was high.

It was a Rocket's dream. Surely Boss would be rewarding whoever pulled this stunt off.

She shook her head, and leaned back in her seat, heaving a sigh. Why am I still thinking like that? He wasn't "Boss" anymore. "That Bastard" is more like it.

She got the attention of an older woman sitting next to her as she heaved another sigh. The old lady leaned over slightly, and Musashi noticed she was eyeing the pokeballs peeking out of her dirty duffelbag.

"You got out of it lucky, didn't you dearie?" The woman smiled sadly, "Poor fortunate that they survived."

Musashi blinked. Rather than telling the old hag to bugger off, she responded in a quiet hush. "There were fatalities?"

"All I know of are several pokemon. I haven't heard of any casualties with the trainers. They are still searching for bodies." The woman stared down at her purse.

Musashi "tsk"-ed and folded her arms over her chest, swinging one leg over her other knee. Well, that's just perfect. She felt the inevitable envy lighten at those words. Then the mission wasn't a complete success. Everyone knows that you're suppoed to snatch up whatever pokemon you can. Killing them is definitely a dent in your track record.

The woman noticed Musashi's freshly glossed lips curl to a slight smile, which she returned. "Yes, sweetie. You should be grateful you were spared the trouble."

Musashi nodded, not quite listening any more. Then the person who did this was obviously not one of the elite. At least, not yet. That narrows it down. Her mind was going full-speed again at the possibilities. She should go back to the site and scour for clues.

((tag Kasumi and anyone else at the hospital!))
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((OOC: No pic for them yet, but I figured I'd give you someone to interact with until Kasumi and the other(s) get out of the kitchen. ^^))

The main door to the lobby swung open, and in stepped what looked like upon first glance to be a doctor and a nurse. The two of them were speaking to each other, clutching clip boards. The nurse giggled, walking oddly close to the man.

"Do you think we'll get promoted for this?" The nurse spoke, seemingly unaware of Musashi's presence. The man laughed a bit.

"Oh, I hope so. This was wonderful. A wonderful plan we got to help with!" The male spoke as if he made the plan himself.

The two began chatting up a bit more before they both paused and stared right at Musashi. "Ahhh.." Smoothing out her skirt, the female 'nurse' walked over to her, smiling to both her and the old lady. "Hello there. How may I help you today?"
Musashi kept a straight face, refusing to match the smiles that these two medics failed to wipe off their faces. My my, either something questionable was going on in the washroom, or these two are a little more chipper than I would be under the circumstances.

Musashi threw herself back on the chair she sat at, and cradled her arms behind her head. She gazed sideways at the doors through which the doctors just passed through, waiting for anyone else to come in. "Nothin' special, I was just waiting for some of your patients to be released..." She faded off, and looked again at the beaming doctor and nurse. She just couldn't shake the feeling that she should talk to them more.

With a showy swing of a leg, Musashi uncrossed her legs and stood, lifting her duffle bag. "Hey Doc." She eyed the doctor with a steely-cold look. "Just to play it safe, why don'tcha give my pokemon a once-over? Make sure they didn't suffer any kind of trauma in the accident."

Sure, she was lying. She wasn't anywhere near the disaster when it occured. Still, she might be able to get some more info that Kasumi might not be as willing to volunteer.
The hospital staff members glanced at each other, almost inquiring silently which one was the doctor. After a moment, the man smiled again, returning his eyes once more to Musashi. Or, more likely.. her Pokeballs.

"Ahh, goodie." The doctor replied, before clearing his throat in an attempt to look more 'serious', stiffening his posture. "I will take those and make sure they are well enough to return to the outside.. Those old gyms had a lot of dirty stuff in them, and Pokemon tend to carry stuff that could be bad to humans."

Someone forgot to read up on their medical dictionary.

While the man reached for the backpack with the Pokeballs, the female nurse readied her clip board. "Who are you waiting for? Perhaps I can assist.." She trailed off, nibbling lightly at the end of her pen while glancing down at Musashi, awaiting an answer.
Musashi gave the doctor a pointed look, and swung her duffel bag over her shoulder to evade his reach. "They weren't inside the gym, Doc. They've just been traveling a ways is all."

She then turned to the nurse, "I'm waiting for the trainer who lived in the gym that went down." She dug into her bag, and held up a Pokeball. "I found one of her Pokemon, and figured she'd want it back. Who knows how many she lost." Okay, so she was lying. Big deal. It wasn't like they'd be any worse off.
The male nurse paused in midreach, blinking at Musashi a few moments, as if processing what she said. If she wanted him to 'look' at her Pokemon, why did she pull them away? Women were so weird. "Yes, well.. I should inspect them anyway. Just in case they breathed in something poisonous..." He spoke slowly to Musashi as if she truly didn't understand what he had said.

Meanwhile, the nurse appeared to bite on the inside of her lip for a moment, trying hard to surpress a smile. "All of the gyms in Kanto went down, miss. You'll have to be more specific."
Musashi was sending the male nurse a dark glare, but she quickly jerked her head in the direction of the female at the mention of just how severe the attack on the Kanto gyms was.

"All of them?" Musashi went monotone for a moment. Silence fell upon the group.

Snapping back to her senses, Musashi shoved her way past the two, and pushed through the doorway, "Fine! I'll ask all of them, then!" much planning had gone into this, anyway?! It was time to get some answers.
As Musashi broke past the two and started heading for the main bulk of the hospital lobby floor, one of the Rockets called for security, not leaving her much time to see what she'd want.

All of the rooms that Musashi passed by were either locked or totally vacant. So long as he didn't travel up the stairs (which looked in disrepair anyway) she would wander down the long hallways, only to find one room less in disuse than the others.

A big wooden door with 'RECOVERY' scribbled onto it in what looked like a red sharpy marker. Those intelligent enough would see that it was nothing like a recovery room, even before stepping inside.

Trainers were scattered everywhere, hugging each other. Some were former gym leaders like Kasumi, although some looked better or worse off than she did. Many trainers looked like they were struggling to stay alive, while others looked like they were waiting for death to take them.

Nora sighed. Having no ideas herself, she felt as if she were back at square one. How had she gotten herself into this mess, and more importantly, how was she going to get out of it? She had a day job to get back to, after all (although something told her she could just forget about that). Despite the fear, helplessness and uncertainty, a part of her was excited. This was her chance to be a real trainer, maybe even a hero. It felt childish, but, that little part of her couldn't help it.

"What's going on?" She blurted out, a hundred questions racing through her mind. Who were they dealing with? Surely the police weren't behind this- why would they lock people up like this, in a hospital of all places, and deny people medical attention? Why had they given no explanation? What really happened at Cerulean Gym, and what was happening elsewhere? "I mean, I don't... understand this at all." She murmured, shoving her hands in her pockets. "I just want to go home."

"I don't know if you remember them, but there was an organization many years ago called Roketto Dan. Satoshi.... a friend of mine, and a few others and myself, we helped disban this organization.. or so we thought. It was a very long fight but we thought we won. We never heard from them again.." She hugged her arms to her tighter. "The outfits.. their uniforms. I recognized them right away. Even moreso... I recognized the Rocket in charge..." She felt sick as Kojiro's face formed in her mind once again.

My home is gone forever...

"We need to get out of here. We need to take whatever Pokemon we have left and fight our way out. Then we'll decide what to do next." Trying to push her anger into a spark of determination, she grabbed her remaining Pokeballs and stepped forward, glancing around the room.

"Who's with me?!"
Nora absorbed the information from the gym leader. Still in something akin to shock, she had little reaction, physical or otherwise. It wasn't until Kasumi said "Who's with me?!" that she snapped out of her daze.

In what seemed like a moment of hesitation, she remained silent as her mind finished processing Kasumi's words. At that point, she took a step forward and bowed slightly. "I am."

She pulled a single Pokeball from her pocket. Although she had a team of three Pokemon, she hoped she would only need the help of one...
Musashi rose a single eyebrow, refusing to admit that she was impressed, though not surprised, at the girl's determination and spunk. She couldn't shake the feeling that the medical dimwits from earlier were following her, so she pulled her hair back tightly under a baseball cap in her bag, and took a few steps in to lose herself in the crowd.
Since Musashi looked like a normal trainer, Kasumi merely glanced over at the door as she came in. Assuming she was hurried because she was pushed in as well, the water trainer returned to the matter at hand.

Kasumi smiled a bit, first at Nora's addition and then, slowly, the other's in the room. Focusing on something other than her family's passing would allow her to not go crazy. That, and.. well.. allow her to plot her revenge, once she encountered those involved.

"Now... first, does anyone have their Pokemon? If you do, get the Pokeballs ready. As soon as the door opens, we're going to attack whoever comes in."

She only had some of her team, but it would be enough. It was rather brash, but she was going to storm the door.
Nora knelt down and put an arm around Tiger, her Growlithe. Tiger had always been more of a pet than a fighter, but he was nevertheless the strongest of Nora's team of three, and she knew she could count on him. Besides, how hard could rushing a door be, anyway? Even if no one else came forward to help, surely between Tiger and whatever Pokemon Kasumi had left, they could make it out of the room.

"Got it!" Nora nodded at the gym leader's instructions. With that, she gave Tiger a pat on the shoulder and rose to her feet again, looking around at the other captives, trying to spot the trainers who would help.
There was a silence through the room after the two braver trainers stood up. It seemed like no one else would dare take part in this attack. The water trainer was convincing, but it looked as if not convincing enough to bring an entire room of pokemon trainers, breeders, and innocent bystanders to their feet.

"Clefable!" The squeaky-pitched voice rose up next to the girl and her Growlithe. There, a pink monster had stood with her stubby hand held up as if agreeing to fight along side them.

"You'll need at least two more to support this break out." Taking to his feet, a young man with firey orange hair smiled to the girl he had been silently sitting nearby. "You can count Clefable and I in."

The pink monster looked to over to Nora as well as the Growlithe at her side and gave an encouraging smile of sorts. The words she spoke to the feline-pocket monster were those of luck and something along the lines of 'Let's do our best for everyone'. The young man shifted his weight, feeling out the two pokeballs he had cliped to his belt. If needed, his castform would certainly provide a great deal of help to them.