Just Your Every Day Hero (sunflowerraven) wrote in pokemon_rpg,
Just Your Every Day Hero

Another Quick Modly Update

OOC community has been made... finally. pokemonrpgooc. All OOC posts will be deleted from this comm and will be posted here. From here on out, this community will ONLY be for IC stuff. Right now the membership is open, so join up as soon as you can!

As stated before, try to join threads already active. If you can't fit anywhere, or if a scene looks to have ended and moved on, feel free to post on your own. It really doesn't matter: its just to save clutter, or to try to anyway.

And now... Rockets! With Domino's departure we are seriously short on the Rocket side. So, to anyone here who was considering making a Rocket, I'm giving you guys a quick way to get started. I'm letting you forgo the application process, because obviously if you're posting here that means I like how you RP and trust in your l33t skillz.. However! Before you create a journal you must IM me and discuss with me just basics on where the character came from, personality, etc. just so I know who you're playing and can get an idea. If you want a main character Rocket, I might make the interview a little more 'intense' with an RP session or something. My IM will be going up in the locked contact list for this group, or get my attention by posting to this message.

Also, I'll be formulating a points system, where if you RP a lot or bring members you'll get points that you can 'spend' ICly, such as on TMs, new Pokemon, or leveling up. I'm going to work that out with Satoshi-kun next time I catch his player online.

Remember, friend and join the OOC comm! I'll be adding some more posts eventually, such as rules on Team Rocket and update the taken list.. once I get home from work.

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