Kasumi / Misty (mermaid_within) wrote in pokemon_rpg,
Kasumi / Misty

Modly Post

Firstly, much thanks to Satoshi for the wonderful new layouts. <3! They are truly beautiful but do not overshadow that which is my bike, which you still owe me jerk D:< Ahem. So, with the first of the month, I am here to harass you all about restarting the RP. I have a had a very hectic summer, as I have said before, but with school starting I will actually have days off *long story* and will have time to RP again.

Moving along, I am making this public because I want everyone to check in again. Mainly, I want to see if Musashi and Domino still want to play. They were really awesome players and I hope they decide to stick around. ;_; If you guys don't reply by Tuesday, I'm going to assume you guys don't want to play anymore.

Secondly, we're opening it up to OCs. Meaning I will be encouraging OCs to apply, because having an RP with just mains isn't cutting it. :x So feel free to apply for an original character, just try to have them on a different side than you to encourage more role play. ^_^

Thirdly, advertise! Promote! Some people have come to the comm saying they'd send in an application and yet never did! We need attention people! More people coming to RP would mean more RP for us to have!

Let's go, people! I can't wait to start again~!
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