Just Your Every Day Hero (sunflowerraven) wrote in pokemon_rpg,
Just Your Every Day Hero

Character Application

Please fill out the application and submit it either in email (to pokemonoblivion(at)gmail(dot)com) or in a comment to this entry. All comments here will be screened. Good luck!

Name/Alias: (Yours, please.)
E-mail: (Please put in one you actually use in case we need to contact you.)
How often are you available?:
Age: (Please be honest. Nobody under 16 years of age please. This RP might get pretty graphic.)

Character name: (Japanese, please)

Personality: (Stem it off the anime and elaborate on it to fit in the storyline)

History: (How did they get to where they are today? What kind of family did they come from? This can be as long or as short as you'd like, but the more detail, the better.)

Pokemon: (No more than six starters for featured characters, and three for original characters. Please include their levels.. Main characters may not have the sum of their levels exceed 100, or no more than two Pokemon at lvl 50 or higher, unless it's validated. Example: Satoshi's Pikachu has been with him a long time, so it would be a high level. Include Pokemon attacks as well.)

Example of a journal post made as though you were in character for this character: First person, please.

Roleplaying sample made in character for this character: Third person, please.
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