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Just Your Every Day Hero

Character Application

Please fill out the application and submit it either in email (to pokemonoblivion(at)gmail(dot)com) or in a comment to this entry. All comments here will be screened. Good luck!

Name/Alias: (Yours, please.)
E-mail: (Please put in one you actually use in case we need to contact you.)
How often are you available?:
Age: (Please be honest. Nobody under 16 years of age please. This RP might get pretty graphic.)

Character name: (Japanese, please)

Personality: (Stem it off the anime and elaborate on it to fit in the storyline)

History: (How did they get to where they are today? What kind of family did they come from? This can be as long or as short as you'd like, but the more detail, the better.)

Pokemon: (No more than six starters for featured characters, and three for original characters. Please include their levels.. Main characters may not have the sum of their levels exceed 100, or no more than two Pokemon at lvl 50 or higher, unless it's validated. Example: Satoshi's Pikachu has been with him a long time, so it would be a high level. Include Pokemon attacks as well.)

Example of a journal post made as though you were in character for this character: First person, please.

Roleplaying sample made in character for this character: Third person, please.
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16? Aw... ;-; I really wanted to join. ^^; I am quite mature for my age, though...
The main reason I don't want people younger than 16 to have access to this RP is that the stuff might get really bad, and I don't want parents flipping out. Sorry. ^^;
I would like to apply for an origional character.

But first a few questions:

I am guessing this is consistant with 3rd gen pokemon listings correct?
With origional characters, what are all the stipulations on them again?
What all is needed to apply with an origional character? (Meaning: do I just need to fill in the general application and only give that specific information for even origional characters.)
All pokemon are allowed, but their newest move listings are in effect.
Original characters are in the rules. You just cannot make them too strong, you must start out with only three Pokemon, and their sum levels cannot exceed 100. One pokemon cannot be less than level 10.
The application in the info is good for OCs. Just fill it out as best as you can.

Screened comment

Wonderful application. Welcome aboard. Just join up with a character journal and join the OOC comm as well, and you're set to get in on the action. ^^

Screened comment

Wonderful application. Thank you for applying. I have accepted your journal to the IC comm but you still need to join the OOC community (pokemonrpgooc). After that, feel free to try to get in on a scene, or start your own if you choose. ^^ There are two main scenes going on at the moment; one on the main segment of Kanto and one in the League stadium, but something is going to happen in Jhoto soon. Again, welcome aboard!

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Accepted! Let me know what your IC journal is and join up here and on the pokemonrpgooc board! :D

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Accepted! Feel free to join up with a new journal and join the OOC comm as well. pokemonrpgooc.
Oh, and having an Espeon is fine. When they become abundant, I'll post restrictions on them.. but for now it is okiee. ^^