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Character Information

The description next to the name of the character is just a blurb from the mods that shows how we think they would fit best in the RP to have the story line make sense. Take these ideas into consideration, but please add your own input! If your ideas are different than ours, you can still get accepted! If a character isn't mentioned, feel free to still apply for them, and if you want someone to be in another team (Example: Gary working for the Resistance) go ahead. It will be taken into consideration.

The Resistance
Satoshi (Ash) - The Leader of the Resistance. Now 15, he has dealt with many hardships, only to see the War spring up suddenly. He's watched his town be destroyed, his mentor's office destroyed, and his mother has turned up missing. He joins the war not only to find his mother, but to end Team Rocket's reign of destruction once and for all.
Main Pokemon: Pikachu (Five slots open)

Kasumi (Misty) - Now 16, Kasumi returned home to help her sisters tend to the gym while Satoshi went off to resume his desire to become a Pokemon master. Years had passed since her travels with her friend, leaving her only with her memories. Out of nowhere, the Cerulean gym was attacked. Kasumi recovered some time later finding the ruins of the gym around her, with her body bruised and beaten. Left for dead, Kasumi has no idea what happened to her sisters, and eventually becomes a part of Satoshi's team once more.
Main Pokemon: (Six slots open)

Others: Brock, May, etc

Roketto Dan
Musashi (Jessie) - After years of failures, Musashi was sent out on a mission, and was set up and betrayed by her team. Left for dead, she seeks refuge as a cast away, living with the thought that everyone, even her partner, set her up for her death and seeks the truth. Currently marked as dead.
Main Pokemon: (Six slots open)

Kojiro (James) - After his partner's unexplained and sudden 'death', Kojiro found himself promoted among the Elites. After all these years, he finally has the respect he deserves. However, he finds himself torn between enjoying this new positioning... or finding out the truth behind Musashi's shady disappearance.
Main Pokemon: (Six slots open)

Shigeru (Gary) - One of the members forced to join, lured with the notion of immense power that comes with the job. Despite his determination to succeed within the ranks, there's a rumor that perhaps he's only among the team to protect his grandfather from Team Rocket's clutches.
Main Pokemon: (Six slots open)

Others: Giovanni, Butch, Cassidy, etc

See a character you want to apply for? Head on over to the character application and submit!
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