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Pokemon Oblivion

"Dare to challenge?"

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1. No one under 16 years of age is allowed. This RP is for mature players only.

2. All posts made to this community shall be locked. Anything exceeding NC-17 shall be placed under an appropriate LJ cut, with an appropriate warning. If neither are found, you will be given one warning. If it happens again, you will be removed from the community.

3. No Pokemorph characters. Do not apply for legendaries, notices will be posted when they will be open for application. Pokemon may be applied for, but the apps must be really good.

4. Leveling of Pokemon/evolutions will be given depending on how often a Pokemon is used in game. Everything must be done with moderator's approval, and will usually be granted via comments by moderators. (Don't ask and ye shall receive)

5. Wild Pokemon may sometimes appear within comments, controlled by mods.

6. Battles may or may not be determined by moderators. Dice rolling, consensual RP, and/or other methods of winner determining will be tested at later dates.

7. No god modding. No controlling other characters. No eliminating weaknesses that your character/Pokemon obviously has (your Pikachu cannot defeat an Onix. Sorry)

8. Minimum requirement for this RP is one post a week. Threads can be as often as you want. Max amount of characters depends on how active you are, but do not exceed two series and one original, please.

9. RPs may be done in character journals, in AIM chats, or in the community directly. Post every chat log in the community - we would love to read what you have done.

10. Have fun!

Please be sure to carefully read the application details for some other rules regarding the Pokemon levels. Original characters, please be as creative as you like, but reasonable.

First, be sure to check the taken characters list to see if the canon/series trainer or villian you're interested in is already taken. Then fill out the application form:

X. player info Your name/alias, email, aim, availability, and age
X. character Name of character- japanese or english names are both acceptable
X. taken side Is the character apart of/or will be apart of the Resistance, Team Rocket, Team Aqua and Magma, or a bystander?
X. personality Stem it off the anime/manga/games and elaborate on it to fit in the storyline
X. history How did they get to where they are today? What kind of family did they come from? This can be as long or as short as you'd like, but the more detail, the better. Keep the storyline, anime, manga, and game in mind.
X. pokemon No more than six starters for featured characters, and three for original characters. Please try to include reasonable levels. Include Pokemon attacks as well.
X. sample I Write an example of a journal post made as though you were in character for this character: First person, please.
X. sample II Write a roleplaying sample made in character: Third person, please.

After you complete the application, go to the claim entry and post your application here. Mods will look over the application and decide to accept or decline. Once you've been approved, you will be added to the community. At this time, you are free to create a character journal and join in!

The Resistance
Satoshi / Ash pkmn_master
Kasumi / Misty mermaid_within

Team Rocket / Roketto Dan
Sakaki / Giovanni sol_noir
Musashi / Jessie musashipokemon
Kojiro / James ya_na_kanji
Domino blacktulip009
Kody raptorial_bird

Elite members might be NPCed by admin. While they're roles are vital to the story, they are essentially minor roles until taken.

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