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Sea Sick? See Rocket!

"Ugg..." A bright and sunny day was ahead of the small sea vessel as it made its way into the docks at Vermilion City. It calmly pitched and swayed in the waters as the hint of a light breeze was pressing towards the shore. Standing near the front of the boat was the ships captain, a deck hand, and a loan passenger. As the boat seemed to come to a seamless stop alongside the dock, a horrible sound came from the passenger of the boat. "!!!" The captain lightly smiled lightly as the passenger seemed to keep himself hoisted slightly over the boats side.

“Well then. You knew the risks for making the trip out here. After the recent events I’m a bit surprised you still insisted in coming.” The Captain motioned for the Deck Hand to assist the Passenger off the boat and on to the dock. “Now if you don’t mind my rudeness in this deal, but we must be off on our way before the Rockets try to pull anything over my boat.” With that the Boat seemed to pull away from the dock at an accelerated pace as the Passenger was still left somewhat ill form his trip yet still plopped right smack in the middle of the dock.

Slowly the passenger got him self back on his feet and after a small wave came rushing up and lapping at the dock, he scampered quickly on to dry land and released a heavy sigh. “Leave it to friends to pick a boat like that to be a ‘Wonderful Trip that won’t make you Sea Sick’ and well… Uggg” Quickly he managed to pull himself to the waters edge as he once again heaved his already depleted lunch into the sea.

Again he attempted to compose himself and checked over what little he brought with him. His hands quickly ran over the edges of his backpack as 3 Pokeballs were attached to the sides, Inside the pack was a laptop that he knew was there without having to open the pack up, and last but not least a small device he was given as a “Safe Trip” gift. It looked like one of those little digital pet games but with a slightly bigger screen and a small set of buttons that could be used as a makeshift keyboard. He attached the small Fame Checker to his pack and started on his way into the heart of Vermilion City.

((OOC: I was talkign with SFR in a game and she gave me permission to start off at the Dock area of Vermilion City. Let's see who might run into Andrew now. XD))
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