Just Your Every Day Hero (sunflowerraven) wrote in pokemon_rpg,
Just Your Every Day Hero

Quick Mod Update

I meant to post this a few days back but haven't had time with school and everything.

The RP is officially underway once more, with two new characters joining our ranks! Welcome Andrew and Toby! (pkmnrpg_andrew and orenji_toby)

Unfortunately, Domino has formally quit the board due to insufficient time. :( She will be missed, but the show must go on.

Oh, and one small thing: try to reply to other people's threads, and not go off and make your own. It saves on people having to scroll down on overly cluttered friend's list. Tagging people helps! Thanks everyone, you're all awesome. :D

I will update as Koji and Kasumi later. Take care everyone!
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Thanks for the warm welcome. I'll be finishing up with my first post to be placed under one of the starting points.