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Satoshi | "Red" | Ash Ketchum

And the winner is!!

Time went on almost endlessly to many in the audience, but not one complained. The last battle playing out before them was hardly letting up on either side. In fact, the more time passed the more heated the two pokemon and their trainers became. At this very moment, the suspense was at it's best! Every man, woman, and child in the stadium were at the edge of their seat. It finally seemed that the bitter end was going to come crashing down on one team...

Satoshi's feet were planted firmly on the very ground he stood watching from the sides as Pikachu barely dodged out of a devastating attack that came close to knocking him out. The small rodent panted heavily, it's body having taken it's fair share of beatings. Despite that, the look in it's coal eyes showed no sign of giving in. Not yet. Not when they were so close. A grin broke the tense frown that had been planted on Satoshi's face through the fight.

"Pikachu..." he murmured proudly, taking this second to show just how appreciative he was to his best friend. His eyes ventured to gaze upong Wataru's partner. This only gave him more reason to smile. This was it. Whoever's next attack connected... would be the winner.

There wasn't anytime left to draw this out any futher and Wataru had already begun to speak out an attack, fully aware of the end of this battle. Almost breaking in over his oppenents voice, the young man took a deep breath in and shouted with all his might.

"Pikachu! Give it your all!!"

His ears perked, body charging once more as it dashed straight on--

"This is it folks!" The announcer put his two cents in and fell silent, gripping the mic.

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