Just Your Every Day Hero (sunflowerraven) wrote in pokemon_rpg,
Just Your Every Day Hero


We are almost ready to get started guys! :D

First of all, promote! Feel free to whore out this RPG as much as you'd like. Thanks to our awesome co-mod, we now have a banner to go with promoting. Put it in your character's journals, regular journals, communities, whatever. Go nuts! (Linking a link to a picture can be found in the LJ FAQ)

Also: we have most of the main characters applied for, but I would really like to see a Shigeru! He has a major role in the plot (as most of the mains do) and would be really cool to see involved! The colored characters (the ones from the games, etc. Silver, Gold, Crystal, etc, but with Japanese names) are also available for application. As time passes I will see where they will fit, because I don't like RPs getting too big. ^^

Finally, the (almost official) storyline will be posted TODAY, so the RP can start anytime after that. HOWEVER, the storyline will ONLY BE POSTED AS FRIENDS ONLY, so if you haven't clicked on JOIN COMMUNITY and YOU WERE APPROVED FOR MAKING A CHARACTER JOURNAL CLICK NOW OR ELSE YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO SEE THE STORYLINE OR START THE ROLEPLAY!

It should be posted after I get out of work the latest, but definately before the evening. Stay tuned!
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